Several hundred supporters of a graduated income tax rate descended on the Capitol Tuesday to show support for the concept.  Illinois currently has a flat income tax rate. A progressive rate levies taxes as higher rates for higher income levels. Proponents call this a “fair tax.”  DeAundra Tunstall, a child care provider from East St. Louis, says the potential amendment would save her close to $300 every year. “It seems small but it’s not, especially when you are struggling each and every day of your life,” said Tunstall.
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But State Rep. Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) says getting the idea through is unlikely, since all Republicans are against the idea.  “All this does is (shift) the burden, and it’s the small businesses that are growing that can’t hire and so what they do is they contract or they move out of state,” said Reboletti.  The plan would require a change to the state’s constitution, which now allows income tax only at a flat rate. To get on the ballot, it needs a three-fifths majority in each chamber of the General Assembly. The question would then be posed to voters on the November ballot, though the deadline for that to happen is approaching. The House and Senate would have to approve the idea by May 1.
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