Standing in front of what used to be a neighborhood – complete with pieces of siding cradled in sheared-off trees – Gov. Pat Quinn hit some local notes as he began his the-day-after tornado tour in Tazewell County.  “Washington has a football game on Saturday, coming up,” Quinn said Monday, “and we want to wish the Panthers well!”  That's not all. “I also read in the paper about a young boy; I think his name was Brendan Hunter … only 6 years old. He heard the sirens and he told his mother, we better get to the basement. His mother said, well, wait a minute. He said no! He insisted!”
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Quinn and Illinois Emergency Management Agency director had a full day scheduled, appearing with local leaders in no fewer than five places where Illinois’ worst November tornado outbreak hit.  With hundreds of homes and businesses hit, Washington had the most damage Sunday, if not the fewest fatalities; one, compared to two in Washington County and three in Massac County.
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