The “Turnaround Agenda” is about diluting union influence.  “You know, we have the most unionized government in America,” Gov. Bruce Rauner told a county officials’ conference in Springfield Tuesday. “You know, we have 93 percent unionization. 93 percent in state government, more than any other state in America. How did we get there? (Former Gov. Rod) Blagojevich put ‘card check’ in, which I think should be illegal. That’s un-American not to have a private ballot.”
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Rauner, pushing for local control of unionization, said prevailing wage and project labor agreements add 20-25 percent to the cost of projects. “If I want to spend tens of billions of dollars of infrastructure, (that means) that’s a heck of a lot of fewer projects we can afford to build. And I want more schools. Better schools. More roads.”
Rauner did not take questions from reporters at the event, instead inviting them to a stop later in the day.
“We’ll be gagglin’ in Bloomington,” he said as a farewell.
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