Illinois’ business climate is oppressive, the governor says, and two months of a Bruce Rauner administration have not been enough to change that, the governor says.  Speaking at a steel fabrication plant in Blue Island, Rauner vowed that he would soon be poachin’ businesses from Indiana, Wisconsin, and Texas, rather than the other way around.
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The plant’s owner says while the company has been in Illinois since its founding 20 years ago, he’s thinking of moving to Indiana because of its more favorable (to business) workers’ compensation structure.
Rauner added property taxes and unemployment insurance are also problematic to Illinois business.  “We know it ain’t the weather,” Rauner said of the Indiana’s appeal. “It ain’t the weather why they’re moving. It’s the regulations and the taxes; worker’s comp (and) unemployment insurance.”  Rauner said Illinois’ location is better than Indiana's, though the business where he stood was within 20 miles of the state line.
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