Move over “Squeezy the pension python,” the kids want to have their say.  As part of his so-called grass roots effort, Gov. Pat Quinn has released another video calling for pension reform. Instead of a reptile, Quinn opted for a room full of kids. In the video, posted on, a man tries to explain pension reform to a group of kids. “I’d rather be doing my homework,” says one girl as the camera cuts back to the kids, who look bored. 
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Quinn says the video is part of his campaign to highlight the need for public pension reform. “It’s very, very important that we understand that we must reform the pension system for our government employees so we have enough money, enough resources, for our children’s education today and tomorrow,” Quinn said. “Right now the money for our kids’ education is getting squeezed out by the pension obligations.”
The video includes some comparisons of pension cost vs. what’s spent on education. One graphic says $5.1 billion was spent on pensions in 2012 while just $300 million was spent on early childhood education.  The first of Quinn’s videos featured a python, symbolizing the public pension system, squeezing the state capitol. This new video promises a part two.
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