The governor’s Children and Youth Cabinet is narrowing how to best focus taxpayer resources on the state’s next generation.

During a recent cabinet meeting featuring the heads of various state agencies that impact the lives of children, Gov. Bruce Rauner said the state shouldn’t just throw money at problems. “All I care about is results. Our children deserve the best services possible and our taxpayers deserve to be well-protected and optimize their hard-earned dollars we’ve asked from them.”

Rauner said he likes the four areas of focus: health, safety, well-educated and self-sufficiency. But he questioned measuring civic involvement alongside being well-educated. He said the two should be separate. “I’ve seen some incredibly great community activists who I don’t think they got out of high school. I talked to two of them and they didn’t. And I’ve also met some really, really well-educated people who couldn’t give two hoots about whatever.”

Rauner said the goal is to measure progress objectively and consistently in all categories.

Education Secretary Beth Purvis said the cabinet should also look at the state’s 200 task forces focusing on children and youth in Illinois. “Who are the nonprofit groups that are on each of these councils and what are the ultimate goals so that we make sure we are not losing any important voices.”

Purvis said better communication would help change internal policies without legislation.


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