One item that’s not on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s so-called “turnaround agenda” is a special session of the legislature if the agenda is not passed by the end of this month.  At least not yet, as Rauner says he’s “cautiously optimistic” that state lawmakers can pass bills on workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and local “right-to-work” zones, along with the state budget, all by the scheduled adjournment date of May 31.
If that doesn’t happen, Rauner is inclined to talk out the terms of a session with legislative leaders, rather than calling all lawmakers back to Springfield.
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“If we need more time for some reason, I’ll work closely with Speaker Madigan, President Cullerton, and Leader Durkin and Radogno, to work out how that process should unfold, but again, I’m cautiously optimistic we can get things done by May 31st,” the governor said.
Rauner says he doesn’t have any particular philosophy on special sessions, but prefers to get things done on time, pointing to how he didn’t ask for extra time to deliver his State of the State and budget addresses.
The legislature has already been called to Springfield for a special session once this year, passing legislation to establish a special election in 2016 for comptroller and to address future vacancies in constitutional offices.
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