The governor says he will consider recommendations that state facilities he wants to close be kept open – but he’s not making any promises.  The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability says the Chester Mental Health Centers, the Singer Mental Health Center in Rockford , the Murphysboro Youth Center and the Mabley Developmental Center in Dixon should stay open. It has yet to consider the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln , the Jacksonville Developmental Center and the Tinley Park Mental Health Center .


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Gov. Pat Quinn says the commission’s recommendations are fine, but he’s the decider. “Well I’m going to wait ‘til they finish their entire work – it won’t take long, it’ll be a week or two. They are an advisory group, and we certainly take their good work, you know, we’ll look at it, but the bottom line is I have to make the ultimate decision,” he said.  Hundreds of people have turned up at hearings on the closures, which would result in the firing of 1,900 state workers.  Meanwhile, the governor says he’s still going to battle the electric companies, though he didn’t say how. He suffered a defeat in Springfield last week when lawmakers overrode his veto of Smart Grid legislation, which allows rate hikes for Ameren and Com Ed. They also passed a so-called “trailer bill” that Quinn opposed.


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