The Governor's Children's Cabinet signed Thursday in Riverton, seeks to bring together all state entities that interact with students by collaborating with health and human service providers, elementary schools, high schools and post-secondary institutions to help students excel.


According to the governor, the cabinet will make sure students are able to maximize their future through integration of the various services.


“Changing the management dynamic for our young people and making sure both our education, our social services, our human and health services are integrated to support our students so they can maximize their education and maximize their futures,” Rauner said.

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Governor Rauner added that in the long run, the initiative will save taxpayers money.


“In the long run, [it will] help taxpayers to because we’ll maximize the benefit of every dollar we spend supporting [all] our students, make sure it has the biggest benefit to our young people,” Rauner said.


Speaking Thursday, Riverton Superintendent Dr. Lance Thurman described the district's partnership with community daycare centers to work with pre-k students and partnerships allowing summer lunch programs for students in need. Dr.Thurman is encouraged that the state is making students a high priority.


“It’s both exciting and encouraging today, to witness the state taking this holistic approach to educating our students and making it a top priority,” Thurman said.


Governor Rauner will serve as Chairmen of the Children's Cabinet, additionally, the cabinet will provide policy and funding recommendations to the General Assembly.


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