In his first-ever Facebook Live appearance, Gov. Bruce Rauner announced a big party celebrating Illinois’ bicentennial.

Rauner announced the creation of a commission and office to celebrate the state’s coming 200th birthday, to take place in 2018. Rauner’s executive order rescinds a previously created commission with a more trimmed down version.

Aside from the 40 governor appointees, Rauner said the commission will be bipartisan. “The commission will have a representative appointed by the speaker [of the House], the president of the Senate, minority leaders, the attorney general, lieutenant governor, all the leaders around the state as well as the Mayor of Chicago will appoint someone, the mayor of Springfield will appoint someone.”
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The state’s treasurer, comptroller and secretary of state will also each pick a member for the commission. 

Rauner said citizens should provide input to the website “Make your recommendations on ways we can celebrate and honor all the incredible cultural and educational and scientific and governmental achievements, economic achievements, for the people of Illinois in the first 200 years and together we can lay the groundwork for the next 200 years.”

The governor tapped Stuart Layne to be the commission’s executive director. 

Illinois will celebrate its bicentennial in the summer of 2018. Rauner said it’s going to be “awesome.” 

The governor also took other previously-selected questions ranging from the budget, political reforms, property taxes, school choice and criminal justice reforms. He said he hopes to do similar events on Facebook in the near future.
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