Illinois government workers represented by AFSCME are expected to be back at the statehouse next week, to once again ask lawmakers to intervene in their contract talks.
But Springfield's state representative says union workers will get the same answer they got in 2015, when the General Assembly voted against a plan to remove the governor from union contract talks and replace him with a panel of unelected arbitrators.

State Rep. Tim Butler, R-Springfield, represents thousands of government-union workers.

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Butler voted against the idea months ago. He'll vote against the idea if the unions push for a veto override next week.

“I've heard from many state employees, but I've been consistent from the beginning that I think this is a bad piece of legislation,” Butler said.

Not only would Illinois be the only state in the nation to add lawmakers into contract talks, but Butler also thinks politicizing arbitration sets a terrible precedent.

“If the unions are looking for the best deal ... the best deals come from negotiation,” Butler added.

The plan is sitting on Gov. Bruce Rauner's desk. He has a few more days to make good on his promised veto.

Butler said a union rally next week is likely to demand a veto override vote in the legislature.


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