Florida Senator Marco Rubio accuses President Obama of aiming to solve nation's serious problems by taxing more, borrowing more and spending more.  Delivering the Republican response to the President's State of the Union address, Rubio made a plea for limited government and said the best way to help the middle class is with a vibrant free enterprise system prompting vigorous economic growth.  Rubio argued that additional tax hikes will not grow the economy.  

Rubio said simplifying the federal tax code will also help the middle class by making it easier for small businesses to hire and grow.  He insisted that the federal debt is fueled by a government that spends a trillion dollars more than it takes in every year.  Rubio called for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  He also warned that Medicare is headed toward bankruptcy without significant changes.  On gun violence, Rubio said it is important to take steps to protect people but not by undermining constitutional protections on gun ownership. 


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