With a few days to go until the Illinois primary, the Republican field is working to pick up as many delegates as possible en route to the national convention in July.


On Wednesday candidate John Kasich held rallies in the Chicago suburbs seeking to gain the support of moderate Illinois Republicans.


Friday evening Ted Cruz was in Rolling Meadows courting conservative voters at a Northwest suburban Lincoln Day Dinner.

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Friday afternoon in St. Louis, frontrunner Donald Trump, whose support includes independents and some Democrats, said the Republican Party should welcome the new set of voters as crucial to the party’s chances in the general election this November.


“And if the Republican so-called establishment is smart, they will embrace it,” Trump said, “because there’s no way we can lose.”


While many conservative leaders are coalescing against the Republican frontrunner, former candidate Dr. Ben Carson said the smarter choice is to allow voters to be heard rather than seek a contested convention. He endorsed Trump for president on Friday.


“The Republican Party in particular would be very wise not to adopt a ‘let’s stop this guy and let’s promote this guy’ policy,” Carson said. “But, rather, let’s start thinking about what are the things that are going to be helpful for America.”


According to poll numbers published Tuesday in the Chicago Tribune, it’s a two-way race in Illinois between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio is polling third, and Kasich fourth.


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