A leading contender in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has a catchy tax reform proposal that has taken criticism and praise over the last few weeks, and an Illinois congressman likes that approach. Herman Cain’s so-called “9-9-9” plan calls for flat rates of 9 percent for corporate income tax, personal federal income tax and a nationwide 9 percent sales tax. Cain says for those at or below the poverty level it would be 9-zero-9 – in other words, a 0 percent federal income tax.



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U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) says the plan has people talking. “The fact that he’s drawing attention to the fact that our tax system is broken, and at least putting his ideas out there,” he says. “I would encourage my other Republican colleagues and the president to, rather than criticize Mr. Cain’s proposal, maybe submit their own proposals that may be better or more fair.”  Schock says the 9-9-9 plan isn’t something he’d put together, but applauds Cain in bringing the issue to light. Schock says the chance of the plan passing as introduced is slim, as presidents’ ideas rarely pass as proposed.



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