The four Republican candidates for governor agree that Illinois needs to change its workers compensation system, but two of them are butting heads over the last reform effort. Bruce Rauner claims the reforms passed in 2011 did little to reduce the cost of covering employees who are injured on the job in Illinois.  “Worker’s comp reform was ‘done’ in Illinois a few years ago just the same way pension reform was ‘done’ in Illinois now-it’s baloney,” Rauner said.
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State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) supported that law, and accuses Rauner of not recognizing that compromises have to be made to pass legislation.  “Do we need to do more?  Absolutely,” Brady said.  “But you don’t turn the backs on the people who are providing jobs in Illinois just because your ego gets in the way of the bill that’s in front of us.  It was meaningful reform.”  Brady, State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford all agree that any new law needs to set a standard of “causation”-linking benefits directly to the cause of injury. 
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