Private equity manager Bruce Rauner, running for governor, is in the midst of a cross-state campaign trek.  The campaign for the Republican nomination is intense, even in the early rounds. Rauner (pictured) was criticized by fellow candidate Dan Rutherford, the state treasurer, for not facing citizens and the press when he announced his candidacy. After Rutherford did a 13-city tour of political rallies, public and press welcome at each, Rauner announced via a video on his website.
Rauner says this method was intended to reach more supporters. “We’re trying to maximize my exposure,” he said. “Launching a video that could be spread throughout the state digitally was hugely powerful. When we launched our two-minute video, we thought we would get 2-3,000 views that first day. We got 40,000.”
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Among other discussions, he said the accusations by State Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) that he “employed” fraudster Stuart Levine are inaccurate.
“He’s bringing up some guy named Levine who I’ve never had any interaction with and didn’t even know he was there,” Rauner said. “Somehow my old investment firm is involved in corruption and has something to do with him?  It’s pure baloney.”
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