All four of the Republican candidates for governor believe the state needs to cut taxes, but some are in favor of trying to broaden the sales tax base while also reducing rates.  State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) and rival candidate Bruce Rauner are in favor of at least exploring that option. Dillard says that would be discussed as part of a comprehensive tax overhaul.
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“Everything needs to be looked at,” Dillard said, “and that panel that we’re gonna have, whether Mr. Rauner or I are the governor, is gonna l0ok at everything.”  State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is only one of the candidates against the idea, specifically when it comes to potentially taxing the service industry, such as dog walkers or hair stylists.   “When government starts to be able to tax something new, they’re gonna look for the next thing new after that,” Rutherford said.
State Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) is in favor of broadening the sales tax base, but says the state should first begin collecting the sales tax on items purchased from out-of-state online retailers, which has been called the “Amazon tax.”
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