The Village of Godfrey has plans to expand its sewer system to the Humbert Road and 255 area, expecting commercial development to follow. There is one obstacle to doing that, however: to get the sewer from the Wal Mart area to Humbert will require boring under the existing railroad tracks. The Village is currently waiting on permits to green-light that work.

In the meantime, Godfrey Sewer Committee Chairman Jeff Weber (pictured) says they need to have their ducks in a row once approval comes in from Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern, and the Illinois EPA. He says there are two plans. One takes the 30 inch sewer line from where it will connect near Wal Mart all the way to Humbert Road.


Weber comments


Weber says it is his preference to spend the smaller amount at this point, in an effort to make sure the village can get it under the train tracks, noting the difficulty the village has had in working with both railroads. The issue will be brought in front of the Finance Committee on April 30.



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