As gaming is set to expand within the state of Illinois, local municipalities are examining ways to control it in their communities. The Village of Godfrey will attempt to do so by limiting the number of liquor licenses issued within the village.

After a lengthy discussion, members of the village board adopted a measure that instructs Village Attorney Tom Long to create an ordinance preventing the number of liquor licenses issued in Godfrey from growing and will require anyone who applies for one in the future to get special approval from Mayor Mike McCormick and the board before it is issued to them.

Board members considered several options including the idea of creating a list of criteria that an establishment would have to meet in order to get gaming machines. But in the end, it was a warning from Long about changing the way the State's Gaming Board has ruled in the past that steered them in this direction.

Long Comments

Currently any business in the village operating with a liquor license is able to acquire up to 5 video gaming machines. 


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