The Godfrey Village Board has established a tax levy for the coming year that represents a 5% reduction over last year's figure.  Last year the village was able to reduce the levy by 10%.  The previous three years have seen the levy reduced, and with more sales tax revenue coming into the village coffers, Mayor Mike McCormick continues to pursue his goal of eventually eliminating the property tax in the village.

Trustee Mark Stewart says even with the reduction in the levy, the village is in good shape.

Stewart comments

It is apparently a figure that was supported by the annual audit, as the general fund - for the first time in five years - showed a balance of $200,000 more than the previous year.  Trustees Jeff Weber and Jerry Gibson voted against the reduced levy.  The Godfrey Village Board adopted a tax levy last year of about $538,000- a 10% reduction over the previous year's levy of about $664,000, which itself represented a 10% cut over the year before.  The special taxing district for Piasa Hills stays at just over $78,000 this year.  It was instituted in 2006 to help residents pay for the sewer upgrade.  In other village business, the annual audit showed the village revenues were up, expenditures were down, and the has a general revenue fund that is $200,000 bigger than last year.

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