At a special meeting last night, the Godfrey Village Board has established a tax levy for the coming year that represents a 10% reduction over last year's figure. A motion was made at the committee meeting last week to reduce the levy by 10%, but with a 3-2 vote, that measure failed, prompting the special meeting that saw another split vote go in favor of the reduction.

All those who voted in committee stuck to their decision, with Committee Chair Mark Stewart casting the vote as a board member that tied the vote at 3-3, and Mayor Mike McCormick breaking the tie. The previous two years have seen the levy reduced, and with more sales tax revenue coming into the village coffers combined with about $300,000 in reductions at village hall over his administration, McCormick thinks it can be done again.

McCormick comments

Trustee Jeff Weber says while it is just $10 off the total bill for the average homeowner, the effects of this move will be felt for years.

Weber comments

The Godfrey Village Board adopted a tax levy last year of about $598,500- a 10% reduction over the previous year's levy of about $664,000, which itself represented a 5% cut over the year before that.