After much debate at the Finance Committee Meeting earlier this week, the Godfrey Village Board has called a special meeting for next Monday night at 5:30 to establish a tax levy for the coming year. A motion was made at the committee meeting to reduce the levy by 10%, but with a 3-2 vote, that measure failed, and the issue was not placed on last night's Village Board agenda.

Finance Committee Chairman Mark Stewart (pictured) says something will definitely be decided next Monday.

Stewart comments

The previous two years have seen the levy reduced, and with more sales tax revenue coming into the village coffers, and Mayor Mike McCormick thinks it can be done again. The Godfrey Village Board adopted a tax levy last year of about $598,500- a 10% reduction over the previous year's levy of about $664,000, which itself represented a 5% cut over the year before that.  Godfrey Township passed a levy at its meeting that represents no change from this year, in the amount of $171,050.