Chris SichraThe Village of Godfrey has made a change to the Emergency Services Disaster Plan that will allow for the quicker response to disasters while offering some financial protections.  In case of a severe storm, roads may be blocked and need to be opened quickly.  This amendment to the ordinance will let that happen without having to go through the process of calling a special meeting to approve funds.

Public Safety Administrator Chris Sichra tells The Big Z if supplies or outside help is needed, this will help protect against price gouging.

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The village also approved establishing a fee for relinquishing a pet.  There have been some cases where a pet owner can’t or chooses not to pay to take a sick animal to a vet to be put down, calls animal control, and passes the cost on to the village.  Trustee Sarah Johnes:

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Officials believe the fee of $80 should make it financially unattractive to do so. 


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