There is a new agreement in place between the Piasa Township Sanitary District and the Village of Godfrey.  The district sends its waste to Godfrey for processing, but had fallen behind in payments over the years.  With this new agreement, Godfrey trustees hope to start recouping some of that cost.

The district encompasses the David Acres neighborhood just northeast of the Village.  Godfrey Trustee Jerry Gibson tells The Big Z this agreement forgives unpaid users fees totaling over $43,000.

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In other sewer-related news, the village has entered into an agreement with a local property owner to take digested sewage sludge and spread it on his farmland.  As a backup plan, if the village has to get rid of sludge and conditions prevent hauling sludge to that land, there is now an agreement in place to take it to the Roxana Landfill as a last resort.


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