An Illinois lawmaker has revived his idea to put gasoline sales tax proceeds toward capital construction projects, replacing controversial video gambling as a revenue source. State Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) says many lawmakers are uncomfortable with video poker machines, towns and counties are opting out of the law to allow them and the Illinois Gaming Board says they’re difficult to regulate. He says the state brings in several hundred million dollars through sales tax on gasoline every year which could be used for construction projects.


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"I throw it out there as an alternative. If you don’t like video poker, one easy remedy is to move the sales tax on gas into the road fund and construction funds, where it should have been all along anyway," says Dillard. This isn’t the first time Dillard has proposed the switch. In fact, he’d rather get rid of the sales tax on gas altogether. However, he says that’s unrealistic in the "real world of Illinois."

(Illinois Radio Nework)