Gasoline retailers are urging state lawmakers not to raise the tax on gas.  A coalition of business and labor groups wants the increase in order to pump more money into road repairs and reconstruction. The proposal, a four-cent increase per gallon, also would end the 20 percent tax break on ethanol, adding a few cents more.  Gas stations say the tax is high enough already.
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“AAA often ranks Illinois gas prices among the highest in the country.  These prices are a direct result of our state having one of the highest existing motor fuel taxes in the nation,” says That’s Bill Fleishli, vice president of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association and the Illinois Association of Convenience Stores.
Amy Chronister Ridley vice president of retail operations for the Qik n EZ convenience store chain, says you’ll pay: “We as retailers live on penny profits and cannot afford to absorb this tax.  You will pay the tax,” she said.  The gas station owners say Illinois could still repair and rebuild roads if all money in the road fund went to roads, and if the cost of construction in Illinois wasn’t so high.
Gasoline taxes, by state, Illinois and neighboring states
Illinois –39.1
Indiana – 40.8
Iowa – 22
Kentucky – 30.1
Missouri – 17.3
Wisconsin – 32.9
SOURCE: American Petroleum Institute
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