The price of gasoline in Illinois is over $4.   The statewide average for March was $4.10, according to the monthly survey by the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club. That’s an increase of 52 cents from February and 86 cents from March last year.   Triple-A spokesman Beth Mosher says instead of waiting for the government to do something or for oil companies to be benevolent, you should take matters into your own hands.


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“Figure out how in your life you can drive less, if that may be hopping on public transportation. It may be riding a bike or car-pooling at least once a week to work. It may be trading in to a more fuel-efficient car,” she said.   Some of the blame for the price goes to the switch from winter to summer fuel, which can cause spot shortages, but Mosher says the bulk of the price can be attributed to worldwide demand – even though demand is down and supply is plentiful in the United States.


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