The price of gas is high, but we’re lucky it isn’t higher.   The Illinois average for February was $3.57, according to the monthly survey by the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club – the highest it has ever been for February.


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“It is unprecedented for this time of year, and I hate to even say this, but for Illinois and Chicago, we actually fared pretty well in February, as compared to the rest of the nation. States on either sea coast have seen very, very high numbers throughout the entirety of February,” Triple-A spokeswoman Beth Mosher said.   The February price was volatile, dipping in the middle of the month, then rising sharply in the final days of February. Overall the statewide average was up 7 cents from January, and up 27 cents from a year ago.   Demand for gas is down in the U.S., but Mosher says the worldwide price of oil is affecting the price of gas.


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