The price of gasoline continues to rise. The average price in Illinois is now $4.09, up from $4.04 a month ago, and from $3.89 last year at this time, according to the Fuel Gauge Report from Triple A.

“Here in Illinois, we have been affected greatly over the last month or so, very much due to some refinery issues, some pipeline leaks that have happened, but then also we felt the ramifications of the hurricane that went through the Gulf (of Mexico) region at the end of last month,” said Beth Mosher, spokesman for the Aurora-based Triple-A Chicago Motor Club.

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Specifically, there was a refinery in Lemont and another in Indiana that had problems that caused them to diminish their output, and a pipeline leak in Wisconsin crimped the flow into Illinois.

Mosher says the price should start to fall soon. She also notes that the average price is lower Downstate, with the highest prices in Chicago and the suburbs.

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