The price of gas in Illinois is now averaging $3.93.  This is according to the Triple-A Fuel Gauge Report.  The price represents a decline over the last month of 20 cents.  The price was $4.13 a month ago.
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“I think that prices are still high,”says Triple-A spokesman Beth Mosher. “Prices are coming down a bit, but we don’t expect there to be any great relief until after the election.”  Mosher says that’s not a political statement but rather a chronological one. She believes the supply of fuel will be high enough to force prices down around the middle of November.
Interestingly, the national average –$3.78 – has been on the rise, Mosher says, while the Illinois price has been declining.  The Illinois price one year ago was $3.53, 40 cents cheaper than it is now.
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