The price of gas is down.   The official drop in the statewide average price is two cents, from the March price of $4.11 to the April price of $4.09, but the drop is really bigger, says Beth Mosher of the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club.   “The two cents doesn’t really show what all happened in April, but prices in April declined about 23 cents since the beginning of April,” she said.


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Gas was priced particularly high right around April 1, so the monthly averages don’t reflect how expensive gas was at the end of March, and how much it fell by the end of April. The price fell from $4.24 on April 1 to $4.01 on April 30.   Mosher says the price is down because the switch to summer fuel caused prices to spike in March and April, and because keeping prices that his was unsustainable in light of demand being slack.   The price one year ago was $3.54, which was 55 cents cheaper.


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