The price of gas is falling, but not as much in Illinois as elsewhere.  The statewide average is now $3.45, down nine cents from a month ago, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.  AAA spokesman Beth Mosher says the national average is now $3.32. “Prices are plummeting in other parts of the United States. Prices don’t necessarily ever plummet, unfortunately, in Illinois, because we’re subjected to the issues that frequently come along with refineries here,” she said.
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The refineries that supply Illinois, Mosher says, have had a litany of maintenance problems that crimp the volume they can produce.  The price now is one cent cheaper than a year ago. Triple-A predicts the price will fall a further 20 cents by Thanksgiving.  The price is cheaper in surrounding states: $3.26 in Indiana, $3.20 in Iowa, $3.35 in Kentucky, $3.11 in Missouri and $3.34 in Wisconsin.
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