Illinois lawmakers are moving forward with a plan to add more gambling across the state but they still haven't addressed campaign contributions from the gaming industry.  James Browning, with the watchdog group Common Cause, says this could mean a step backward for cleaning up the political process in Illinois.

The gaming industry has donated nearly ten-million dollars to Illinois lawmakers and political committees over the past decade.  Governor Quinn has expressed concern over the issue and has threatened to veto the bill in the past.  But it's very unlikely his veto will stand.  The House passed the measure with 69 votes and two present, which means they have the 71 votes they need to override the governor.  

Looking at the numbers, House Minority Leader Tom Cross has received more than half a million dollars from the industry.  That's more than Speaker Michael Madigan, who's taken in about 352-thousand.  House sponsor Lou Lang received about 270-thousand.  Governor Quinn has collected less than 50-thousand.

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