A blood sample from serial killer John Wayne Gacy is being submitted to a national DNA database.  Investigators working the Gacy case to try to identify the seven unidentified victims discovered several vials of Gacy’s blood in an evidence locker. The blood is being sent in to the Combined DNA Index System, but Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart says the chance of it tying Gacy to another crime is remote.



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“That would require a criminal act occurring prior to December of [19]78, where law enforcement, [in the] late 70s, no computers, no anything, kept all sorts of different clothing and items like that that at that point they didn’t even know was significant, because DNA wasn’t around yet,” he said.  But Dart says there are some instances of missing persons who fit the profile of Gacy victims in out-of-state places Gacy visited.  Gacy, of Norwood Park Township, near Des Plaines, killed 33 before his arrest in 1978. He was convicted in 1980 and executed at Stateville in 1994.


(Illinois Radio Network)