Some motorists in Illinois want to put the breaks on a proposal to tax drivers by the mile.

A bill, introduced by Senate President John Cullerton, would force Illinois residents to choose from three road user fees, including one that would require a GPS transponder to report miles driven. Chicago native Cecilia Burke said she disapproves of electronic monitoring and taxing those with fuel-efficient vehicles.

“I wouldn’t let them do it, just having the I-Pass transponder is bad enough,” Burke said. “I’m getting punished for driving my little 40 mile-per-gallon vehicle.”

Chicago area driver Sandy Rodriguez said she is stunned by efforts to impose another tax.

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“It seems like it’s another way they’re looking to nickle and dime me,” Rodriguez said. “It’s shocking that they’re looking for another way to tax me.”

The bill seeks to fund road construction projects throughout the state. Brandon Burton commutes across the Illinois for work, and he isn’t buying the proposal.

“Here we go again with the circus of Illinois politics,” Burton said. “They continue to come up with new legislation to increase the funding, however, not a lot of ways to pay for it except for things that continue to tax the citizens.”

Rodriguez said she and others across the state are already overtaxed. She says if the proposal passes, it will be an incentive to leave Illinois.

“I deal with my property taxes, water taxes, now new taxes for grocery shopping,” Rodriguez said. “I believe that with higher taxes it would serve as a variable for people to leave.” 

If passed, Illinois motorists would be required to enroll in the program by July 1, 2017, or be automatically enrolled in a flat rate plan with a yearly fee of $450.


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