The Federal Trade Commission has escalated its campaign against illegal and unwanted robocalls.   The agency has gotten court orders against five companies that allegedly made deceptive “cardholder services” robocalls. The FTC alleges that the companies deceived consumers into paying hundreds or thousands of dollars by making phony claims that they could reduce credit card interest rates in return for an upfront fee.
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Alyce Weisbach, an 84-year-old Skokie resident, is one victim of the illegal practice. She was talked into a plan to reduce her credit card interest rates and was charged $1,890 for what ended up being a new credit card with a temporary, low introductory rate, something she could’ve done herself. Lucky for her she was able to get some of the money back after complaints to the Better Business Bureau.  The FTC gets more than 200,000 complaints each month about telemarketing robocalls and they’ve filed 17 complaints so far against such operations.
So what should one do when a robocall comes across the line? Hang up.
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