Are you letting your faucets drip?  That may not be enough to prevent freezing in some instances.  A spokesman for Illinois American Water says running a pencil-thick stream of water can better prevent your pipes from freezing and causing expensive damage.  The company has not experienced any water main breaks so far in the Riverbend, and says the snow is actually helping to insulate their infrastructure in many cases.

But if you see a fire hydrant that is inaccessible due to the snow, Karen Cotton asks for your help.

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She notes that consumers play an important role in this effort, as a portion of their water bills goes toward these investments to keep their community’s infrastructure strong. Consumers can also play a role in helping to keep fire hydrants dependable and in good working order by doing things like keeping the hydrants clear of trash, grass and weeds, and snow, reporting a damaged hydrant to local authorities, and by never parking in front of or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, even just for a few minutes.

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