County jail inmates who abuse the court system with lawsuits a judge deems “frivolous” would be penalized with loss of their “good time” credit, under a bill being considered at the Capitol.  The bill is modeled on existing law for state prison inmates. State Sen. Bill Haine (D-Alton), a former prosecutor, says some inmates have time on their hands and a taste for mischief.
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Lobbyist Rob Moon, supporting the bill on behalf of the Cook County sheriff’s department, gave senators in committee an example: “The sheriff has in his office a copy of a lawsuit that was filed for $30 … for a pair of missing shoes,” he said.
That suit, Moon adds, was filed the first day Sheriff Tom Dart was in office.
Haine says another class act from way back is for an inmate to file a complaint against the prosecutor with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. Unlike the court system, though, the ARDC can quickly toss the complaint into the ash can.
S.B. 1747 has passed the Senate Criminal Law Committee.
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