Who wins the Series, Cardinals or Red Sox?


Cardinals - 55%                                        

Red Sox - 45%                                 


The Wood River Township Hospital Board has an excess of $8.5 million and says it wants to return the money to the taxpayers.  Do you favor the current plan of channeling the funds to various taxing bodies in the district, or should residents in the district be given a one-time property tax credit?


Taxing bodies - 18%                          

Tax credit - 73%

Dont' Know - 9%                              



Which do you prefer:  residents being allowed to hire and pay for their own trash hauling, or having the municipality contract for the service and recoup the cost through fees and/or taxes?


Residents - 36%                               

Municipality - 64%                                   



What's scarier:  a gory movie with lots of blood and guts or a psychological thriller?


Gory - 9%                                                 

Psychological - 91%                         


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