Under what conditions would you favor U.S. Military intervention in Syria:  as part of an international coalition, the U.S. going it alone, or not at all?




Coalition - 23%                      

Alone - 15%                 

Not at all - 62%                       


If you won a substantial Sweepstakes or Lottery, what's the first frivolous purchase you would make?


Move to Hawaii

Buy a house in the Mountains

Buy something for my wife

Buy a radio station

New fishing boat

Put on a rock concert

Trip around the world

Go to Universal Studios

A new car

Buy a politician

Buy tons of food

Buy a big boat


Do you think Congress will be influenced by fast food workers demands for an increase in the federal minimum wage?


Yes - 38%                                                 

No - 62%                                         



When did you last attend a high school football game?


40+years - 38%

20+ years - 15%

10-20 years - 8%

3-10 years - 15%

1-2 years - 23%


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