Is the Alton Police Department's Amnesty Day a good idea?


Yes - 89%                                                    

No -                                            

Don't know - 11%



What's the bigger issue – the fact that Rolling Stone put the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on the magazine's cover, or that they seemingly glamorized him?


On cover - 22%                       

Glamorize - 33%           

Both - 22%           

Neither - 22                                                    


What is your community best known for?


Godfrey - City Living in the Country.  Attempting A New Beginning

Grafton - Tourism

Alton - The River Road.  Fast Eddie's

Bethalto - Roma's Pizza

Otterville - Halfway between Jerseyville and Grafton

Hazelwood - Home of Big Foot

Brighton - Piasa Bird




Who taught you how to drive?


Mom, Teacher, boyfriend, dad, uncle, grandmother - (TIE) - 11% each

Friends - 33%



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