Will passage of concealed carry legislation be positive or negative for the State of Illinois?


Positive – 70%                                        

Negative – 20%                              

Don't know – 10%


Have you contributed in any way to aid the tornado victims in Oklahoma?


Yes – 20%                                                  

No – 80%                                         



What's your favorite lake?


Alton Lake – 20%

The following each had 10% - Cedar Lake, KS; Lake Winnebago, WI; Blanche Lake, MN; Lake Lou Yager, IL; Battle Lake, MN; Old Gillespie Lake, IL; Lake Norfolk, AR; Lake Winnipesaukee, NH;


Tap, filtered, or bottled?


Tap – 60%            

Filtered – 20%                     

Bottled – 20%                     


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