Should Illinois change the voting age to 17 in primaries when the voter will turn 18 by the general election?


YES - 10%                                         

NO - 90%                                



Are you in favor of lowering the threshold for drunk driving from point 08 to point 05?


YES - 70%                                         

NO - 30%                                


Which do you believe is a bigger violation of the constitution…the Justice Department seizing Associated Press editors and reporters phone records, OR the IRS giving special scrutiny and delaying applications for Tea Party and “patriot” groups?


AP - 50%                                           

IRS - 50%



What happened to spring?


- Storms ruied it

- The whobble theory

- It got laid off

- It's normal

- Season's are merging

- It left on the 3:45



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What happened to spring?