There’s a new gun shop and firing range coming to downtown Alton.  Have you ever fired a gun?

YES - 100%                                                        NO                                     


Former local members of the IL Gen. Assembly Tom Ryder, Evelyn Bowles, Steve Davis, and now Jim Watson have all resigned before the end of their term.  Do you think this is fair.


YES - 22%                                                     

NO - 77%                                             



Do you fear the fiscal cliff, or is it media hype?


FEAR - 45%                                          

HYPE - 45%                                               

UNSURE - 10%


Hostess is going out of business?  What was your favorite Hostess Treat?


Chocolate Cupcake - 38%

Chocodile, Twinkie, Fried Pies (TIE) - 16%

Lemon Cupcake, Ding Dong (TIE) - 2%


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