Which TV network did you watch for national election results?


CNN - 23%

CBS, FOX, PBS (Tie) - 15% each

NBC, BBC (Tie) - 8% each

Didn’t Watch TV Coverage - 15%



Voters in two states approved recreational use of marijuana Tuesday.  Other states have legalized its medicinal use.  Should Illinois consider recreational and/or medical marijuana use?


Medicinal - 38%                      


Both - 31%          

Neither - 31%



Godfrey recently sent a code red reminding residents of leaf-burning regulations.  Do you approve of using code red for public service announcements.


Yes - 15%                                                  

No - 77%                                          

Don't know - 8%




When you go to the grocery store, do you take a list or do you wing it?


List - 54%                      

Wing it - 31%                          

Little of both - 15%    


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