If you are in a community that has implemented electric aggregation, have you seen notable savings in your electric bills?


Yes – 18%                               

No – 18%                      

Don't know – 18%                           

Non-aggregation- 46%


Do you believe the violence against America in the Middle East is the result of the anti-Islamic movie or the result of a coordinated plan timed to coincide with 9/11?


Movie -                                             

9/11 – 64%                                       

Don't know – 18%

Neither –18%


Do you read political direct mail or just throw it away?


Read – 36%                                                

Throw – 64%


Do you listen to recorded political phone messages or just hang up?


Listen – 10%

Hang up – 90%



What's the most impressive national landmark that you have personally visited?


Gateway Arch – 30%

Grand Canyon, U.S. Capitol, Lincoln Museum, Pike’s Peak, Empire State Building, Niagara Falls, Meteor Site – (TIE) 10% each


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