Today on Let's Talk Special Edition, it was a look back at the Democratic National Convention.  We asked listeners on the Friday Morning Poll what they thought about the event who made the best cast to re-election President Obama.  And we also tackled the "hard hitting" question over your favorite style of pants.  Feel free to leave comments below or suggestions on a future poll question.


Did you watch any of the Democratic National Convention?


Yes – 75%                                                 

No – 25%                                        



If so, is your impression of President Obama more favorable, less favorable, or about the same?


More - X                                            

Less – 12%                                               

Same – 88%



Who made the most compelling case for the President's re-election, the First Lady, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, or the President himself?


Bill Clinton– 38%           

The President – 24%           

None of the above – 38%



Do you care who's at fault in the Madison County investment controversy, or is it time to move on?


Care – 50%                              

Move on – 38%                     

Huh? – 12%



With regard to trousers, pleated or plain front?


Pleated – 12%                              

Plain – 88%   



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