This poll was conducted during Let's Talk Special Edition on Z-1570, heard each Friday from 10am-Noon.  Today's hosts were Sam Stemm and Mark Ellebracht.   It's a 2 hour open line, and we take caller opinions on all topics, including the following questions.  Feel free to add you comments below or a suggestion for a future question!


Are you concerned about the threat of the West Nile virus?


Yes – 29%                               

No – 71%                                



For the Illinois House from Alton, Dan Beiser or Kathy Smith?                        


Beiser – 38%                              

Smith – 52%                     

Don't know – 10%


For the Illinois Senate from Alton, Bill Haine or Mike Babcock


Haine – 43%                                     

Babcock – 52%                     

Don't know – 5%


Do you agree with Dick Durbin that gay marriage should be part of the presidential campaign?


Yes – 5%                                          

No – 90%                                

Don't know – 5%


Baked, Mashed, or French Fried?


Baked – 33%                     

Mashed – 48%                     

FF – 19%                      


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