This poll was conducted during Let's Talk Special Edition on Z-1570, heard each Friday from 10am-Noon.  Today's hosts were Mark Ellebracht and Mike Montgomery.   It's a 2 hour open line, and we take caller opinions on all topics, including the following questions.  Feel free to add you comments below or a suggestion for a future question!


Is Paul Ryan a good choice by the Republicans for vice president?

YES - 86%
NO - 7%
Doesn't Matter - 7%

Were union workers wrong to shout down Governor Pat Quinn at the State Fair?

YES - 46%
NO - 54%

If high speed rails becomes a reality, are you more or less likely to ride the train?

YES - 73%
NO - 20%
Don't ride - 7%

What's your favorite seafood?

Lobster and Shrimp - (Tie) multiple votes
Crab Legs, Oysters, Brown Trout, Tuna Steak, Scallops - (Tie) one vote each


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