How did you file your taxes this year…mail or electronically?


Mail - 15%                                 

Electronic - 70%

Did not have to file - 15%


What percentage do you normally tip at a sit down restaurant?  

  Between 15% - 20% - 61%

  Other - 39%


To deal with prison overcrowding, should more low-level state offenders get out of prison early for good behavior? 


  Yes - 54%

  No - 46%


When you were a kid, did you ever purchase anything advertised in the back of a magazine or comic book?  If so what did you buy?


  Yes - 54%

  No - 46%


Items purchased include x-ray glasses, decoder ring, blackhead remover, homemade rocket, homemade kite, baking soda submarine, and exercise rubberband.


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